Above 23cms, the most popular amateur microwave band is 10GHz, also known as 3cms. It is accessible by all UK Amateur Licence classes. It can accomodate a wide variety of modes including narrowband DX, ATV, EME etc. Whilst a wide variety of old and new hardware is available for this band, a UKuG 10GHz loan system enables you to get a quick taster of modern narrowband DX on 10368MHz.

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The 1 Watt loan unit, based in the GW4DGU modules is configured and cabled to be plug and play with an FT817 (not supplied) on 144MHz.

It can be run on 12V with or without an external 10MHz reference (not supplied) and includes an optional 45cm Sky dish and feed.

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    This consists of a DB6NT 10GHz 144MHz transverter and a 2W PA in a weatherproof diecast box. All transmit receive switching is provided in the box, controlled by the external transceiver. It connects to a feedhorn on a 45cm Sky dish via a short SMA patch lead. It has a mounting bracket for an up to 2-inch pole and a lightweight tripod.

    Many people use an an FT817 as an IF rig, but other rigs can be used. If so, great care must be taken not to exceed the drive levels. The transverter produces approximately 2W on 10368MHz with a maximum 144MHz drive of 2 Watts.

  • Description and Operating Instructions

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