The 5.7GHz amateur microwave band is also known as 6cms. It can accomodate a wide variety of modes including narrowband DX, data networks, ATV, EME etc. The UKuG 5.7GHz loan system enable you to get a quick taster of modern narrowband DX on 5760MHz.

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The 5.7 GHz Loan kit consists of a DB6NT transverter and 15W PA built in to a Waterproof mast mounting box and requires a suitable dish, feed, 144MHz IF transceiver and 12V supply.

It was bought from the Estate of the late G4PBP in 2013 - and is available for loan on request.

The loanee must arrange to collect the equipment (5.7GHz is currently kept in the Glasgow Area) and make all best efforts to return it in the order in which it was loaned. We think that the kit would be best used by a club or contest group, but we are more than happy to loan it to individuals who can put it to fairly immediate use.

Loan Application Form or

  • Note this is available to loan to use in the UK only, due to insurance issues. Loanees must arrange collection and safe return.
  • UKuG reserves the right to ask for the kit to be returned at any time

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