Backscatter is a compendium of the best technical articles that have been in Scatterpoint, the UK Microwave Group newsletter (and its predecessor) over the period 1999 to 2006. The original publication in 2008 was an A5 size book of 445 pages and is an excellent reference with many articles on all aspects of microwaves.

It is now freely available as pdf chapters below:-

  Additional Information:-

  1. Frequency sources:
    • Crystal Oscillators
    • Synthesisers
    • PLOs and DDSs
    • Frequency markers and references
    • General
  2. Frequency Multipliers
  3. Antennas:
    • Yagis and helixes,
    • Dishes and feeds,
    • Other Antennas
  4. Low Noise Amplifiers
  5. Power Amplifiers
  6. Accessories
  7. Transverters and Converters
  8. IF Rigs
  9. Power Supplies
  10. Keyers and Control
  11. Propagation topics
  12. Measurement
  13. Noise
  14. Surplus:
    • Building blocks
    • Test equipment
  15. Mechanical
  16. Miscellany

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