Free/Lite/Student Versions are downloadable such as Ansoft SV series, Sonnet Lite, and Agilent Appcad. If you have any updates for these links please let the UKuG Webmaster know.

Agilent-EEsof - ADS/Momentum/EMDS/SystemVue/Eagleware
Agilent EEsof Home Page Training Support
ADS Home Page Appcad Home Page Resources

Ansoft - HFSS/Designer
Ansoft Home Page Product Index Free Downloads Archived Presentations

AWR - Microwave Office
AWR Home Page Microwave Office AWR Support AWR Patches/Downloads

Other EM Vendors
Sonnet Software CST Microwave Studio, MicroStripes Zeland IE3D
Vector Fields EM Explorer Remcom XFDTD

Aplac ACS Linc2 AVX Models/Software
Barnard Wavemaker Efield Optotek (MMICAD)