The UK Microwave Group was founded at the inaugural meeting held on 14-Nov-1999 at the Martlesham Roundtable. The meeting approved the original Constitution for the group, which was the subject of an update at the 2007 and 2012 AGMs and is available online and in pdf below:

Constitution of the UK Microwave Group  UKuG Constitution

1 Title and Address

The title of the society is The UK Microwave Group (UKuG). The administrative address (HQ) shall be that of the secretary or as assigned by the Committee.

2 Aims of the organisation

  1. To promote the usage of amateur radio in the frequency bands above 1GHz.

  2. To disseminate information within the group and outside by means of a group journal and publication elsewhere including, but not limited to, other publications, the Internet and group meetings.

  3. To provide support for designs and equipment which may be available to group members and others. The Committee to provide funds for such designs and equipment at their sole discretion.

  4. To aid the provision of licensed beacons within the British Isles through technical assistance, liasion and financial assistance. Such financial assistance to be at the sole discretion of the Committee.

  5. To work with national and international societies and groups to further amateur radio microwave activities.

3 Membership of the Organisation

  1. Membership of the organisation is open to any individual who has an interest in amateur radio microwave activities.

  2. Each member shall pay an annual subscription. The Committee shall determine the level of annual subscription.

  3. Upon resigning from the Committee or otherwise ceasing to be a member of the organisation the individual must return, without delay, to the Secretary all materials belonging to the organisation.

4 The Organisation

4.1 The affairs of the organisation will be run by a committee of up to 10 members. These will be Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (The Officers) plus Membership Secretary and up to 6 other members.

4.2 The committee must meet at least once per annum at a date and venue to be selected by the Secretary in consultation with all Committee members.

4.3 The Committee has the power to co-opt any member onto the Committee or Sub-committee until the next Annual General Meeting.

4.4 The Committee may terminate the membership of any member who they consider to have acted in a manner detrimental to the Group or Amateur Radio without giving reason

4.5 The Commitee may invite two additional corresponding members from outside of the British Isles.

4.6 Receipted Expenses incurred by the Committee in meeting shall be reimbursed at a rate up to the equivalent to standard second class rail fare plus other expenses.

4.7 A Quorum will consist of 4 members of the Committee of which at least two shall be officers.

5 Finances of the organisation

5.1 The organisation will be financed by: (a) An annual subscription, the level of which will be set annually by the Committee. (b) Donations from any source. (c) Profits from the sale of publications, equipment or designs.

5.2 All monies of the organisation will be paid into a current and/or deposit account held in the name of the organisation. All expenses over 250 should be approved by the Treasurer and either the Secretary or Chairman before payment.

5.3 The financial year for the organisation will be the calendar year, January to December. Duly audited accounts and balance sheets shall be presented to the Committee at least one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.

6 Annual General Meeting

6.1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held annually at a time and place decided by the Committee.

6.2 The business of the AGM shall be:

  (a) To receive reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

  (b) Receive the audited accounts.

  (c) Elect the Officers and Committee.

  (d) Conduct any other notified business of the meeting.

6.3 Any member wishing to include an item on the agenda must forward the item to the Secretary 21 days prior to the meeting.

6.4 Officers and members of the committee must be proposed by two members of the organisation. Retiring members may stand for re-election.

6.5 All members shall be advised of the date and location of the meeting 28 days prior to the meeting. This notification to be in the group newsletter and by Internet announcement.

6.6 A Quorum will be 5% of the membership, four of whom must be a Committee members up to the Annual General Meeting.

7 Amendment to Constitution

Any proposed amendment to the Constitution shall be submitted as an agenda item for the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting as defined in Article 8 with the provision of Article 6.3. Any proposal to change the constitution requires that two thirds of the members present vote in favour.

8 Extraordinary General Meeting

At the request of the Committee, or at the written request of twenty or more members, the Secretary will call an Extraordinary General Meeting. Such a meeting must take place within 6 weeks of the request and at a venue decided by the Commitee. The only business which may be transacted is that on the Agenda and no other business may be discussed.

9 Winding up

If at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, a Resolution is passed to wind up the affairs of the Organisation, then so much of the assets of the Organisation shall be realised as required to discharge any and all liabilities of the Organisation and the remaining assets to be disposed of by the existing committee in accordance with Article 2.

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