The UK Microwave Group and the Finningley Amateur Radio Society are pleased to announce that this popular event will once again take place over the weekend of 9-10 July 2011 and will be held, as last year, at the HQ of the Finningley Amateur Radio Society, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

 SATURDAY 9th July
10:00  Introduction & welcome G3AAF & UKuG Chairman John Worsnop G4BA0
10:15  Beginners Workshop 1296MHz - 10GHz a practical demo 
       around the grounds with low power 10G beacons G4HJW & G3PHO G3PYB 
        - A number of micro power Beacons will be around the site to aid antenna alignment

12:00  Bryan Harber G8DKK - 2nd user Microwave power Meters & Accuracy

12:45  Lunch  /(Fleamarket )

13:15  Gordon G0EWN & Barry Chambers G8AGN - Lightwave comms 
        - a "Yorkshire approach" & record breaker
13:45  Refreshments
14:00  Stuart Wisher G8CYW- Lightwave comms including IR demo
        …The north East approach & record setter for now !
15:00  Fleamarket
16:00  RT Close

18:30  Pre-Dinner drinks at the Reindeer pub Sandtoft

19:00  Evening dinner at the Reindeer

 SUNDAY 10th July
10:00  Introduction's & welcome - Eric G3KPU FARS President Kevin G3AAF
10:15  Bernie Wright G4HJW - "A ground sunk reference for GB3FNY"
11:00  Refreshments
11:30  Andy G4JNT - General purpose PIC controller PCB and software apps
        - PCB's and display modules available for sale

12:45 -13:45 Lunch Fleamarket

14:00  Ray James - GM4CXM Aircraft scatter in the uWave region.
15:00  Refreshments
15:15  Kevin G3AAF - SMD soldering tools & techniques for success
16:00 -17:00 Fleamarket

17:00 RT close & wrap up.

Registration facilities and more information will be found on the local club website
Follow the links on the sides of the club homepage.

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