Microwave spectrum faces growing demands from many users. UK Microwave Group maintains a close watch on regulatory developments in the UK and beyond to ensure its members and the wider amateur community are protected.

Bodies which are involved in the regulatory process include:-

  • RSGB Spectrum Forum (of which UKuG is a member)
  • Ofcom
  • IARU-AC and Regions 1, 2, 3
  • ITU-R

    Below are copies of submissions and link to issues of interest

    Papers & Submissions:


  • Jun-2011: UKuG Submission to RSGB Strategy Survey
  • Feb-2014: UKuG Submission to RSGB Convention Review


  • Jan-2005: Submission to 79GHz Car Radar, Ofcom Response
  • Feb-2005: Submission to Spectrum Framework Review
  • Ultra-Wideband Background Info:- Draft ECC Report 64, Annex 2-12, ETSI 101994-1,
        Ofcom Research, Selected Ofcom UWB FAQs, G6JYB Slides
  • Mar-2005: Submission to Ultra-Wideband Consultation
  • Mar-2005: Submission to Spectrum Implementation Plan
  • Apr-2005: Radio Astronomy Spectrum Access - Ofcom Link
  • 24GHz Car Radar - Ofcom Link, EU Decision, CEPT-ECC
  • May-2005: 24GHz SRR Submissions - UKuG, RSGB, Peter G3PHO
  • May-Aug 2005: UK Amateur Licensing - Ofcom Link, Ofcom Doc   Responses: UKuG, Peter G3PHO, Mike G3PFR
  • May-2006: Licence Fees - Ofcom Link, UKuG Response
  • May-2006: Licence-Exemption at mmWaves (Ofcom SES 2006-10): Main Reply and Distance Records
  • May-2006: 75.5-76GHz - Ofcom Link, Activity Map, Joint Response
  • Jun-2006: 10-40GHz - Ofcom Link, Amateur Satellites Backgrounder, IARU Response, Joint Response
  • Sep-2006: WT Exemption - Ofcom Link, UKuG Response - esp on 24GHz, Ofcom Statement
  • Jan-2007: 10-40GHz Packaging - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Mar-2007: WRC-07 Item-1.4 IMT Bands - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Apr 2007: 10GHz Auction Olympics Aspect Ofcom Link, RSGB Response
  • Jun-2007: Licence Exemption Framework Review - Ofcom Link, RSGB Input
  • Jul-2007: UWB Exemption Regulations - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Jul-2007: Public Sector Framework Review - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Sep-2007: 10GHz Auction - Ofcom Statement, Regs, Joint Response
  • Nov-2007: 2012 Olympics Spectrum Planning - Ofcom Link
  • Dec-2007: 24GHz SRR Update - Ofcom Link, Joint Response - esp on timing
  • Jul 2008: Spectrum Commons Classes for Licence-Exemption - Ofcom Link, RSGB Response
  • Sept 2008: UK Defence Spectrum Management - MoD Link, Joint Response
  • Oct 2008: Maritime & Aeronautical Spectrum pricing - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Oct 2008: Licence Exemption limits above 10GHz - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Dec 2008: Spectrum above 275GHz - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Sep 2009: Crown Access in 3400-3600MHz - Ofcom Link, Joint Response
  • Jun 2011: DCMS - Releasing Public Spectrum Joint Response


  • Aug-2005: RSGB Submission to CEPT 76GHz Links Consultation
  • Dec-2005: Joint Submission-1 to CEPT Ultra-Wideband Consultation
  • May-2006: Joint Submission-2 to CEPT Ultra-Wideband Consultation
  • Sep-2006: Joint Submission-3 to CEPT Ultra-Wideband Consultations
  • Dec-2006: Joint Submission to CEPT Report-100 3.4GHz Consultation
  • Feb-2009: Joint Submission to EU 24GHz Automotive Radar Review
  • Mar-2009: RSGB Submission to CEPT FM47 Automotive Radar Review
  • Jul-2009: UKuG Submission to ComReg 2300 MHz Band Release

    UKuG members contribute papers to the IARU-R1 VHF/Microwave committee for consideration at IARU conferences and interim meetings. For convenience some of these submissions are reproduced below:-

  • DV05_C5_06: Challenges to Amateurs in the Microwave Bands - Murray Niman G6JYB
  • DV05_C5_13: Galileo in the 1.3GHz Band - by Peter Blair G3LTF
  • DV05_C5_14: The Role of Special Interest Groups - Peter Day G3PHO
  • DV05_C5_41: Harmonising 76GHz - RSGB/UKuG

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