The main UK Microwave meetings are known as Roundtables rather than rallies. They feature a mixture of talks, measurements and goodies. Admission is free, but advance registration is necessary in some cases. The principal events are:-

  • Wales:  
  • March   Cardiff
  • Martlesham:  
  • April   Ipswich
  • RAL:
  • June Rutherford Appleton Labs, Didcot, Oxfordshire  
  • Yorkshire:
  • July   Finningley
  • Crawley:
  • September   Tilgate Forest
  • Scotland:  
  • November   Burntisland, Fife

    Roundtable Locations

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    Wales Roundtable
    Cardiff University Amateur Radio Society are the hosts for the Cardiff Roundtable. The local contact is Derek Kozel MW0LNA.

  • Venue:   Local Info

    Martlesham Roundtable
    The Martlesham Roundtable is the premier UK event held over two days. It is held at the BT Research Centre site (now known as Adastral Park) near Ipswich, and includes the UK Microwave Group AGM. Like RAL, registration beforehand is necessary. There is usually a large Saturday evening dinner as part of the event. The local contact is John Quarmby G3XDY.

  • Venue:   Martlesham maps

    RAL Roundtable
    This major event is hosted at/near Rutherford Appleton Labs at Didcot, Oxfordshire. Registration beforehand is necessary and the event is organised with the assistance of Mike Willis G0MJW.

  • Venue:   RAL Location Maps

    Finningley Roundtable
    The Finningley Amateur Radio Society host this Roundtable over a July weekend at their extensive club premises at Sandtoft near Doncaster (website at The local contact is Kevin Avery G3AAF

  • Venue:   Finningley Directions

    Crawley Roundtable
    The Crawley Roundtable is a one day informal affair organised by the Crawley Amateur Radio Club (website at It is held at CARC HQ - Hut-18, Tilgate Forest Recreational Centre, Crawley. The local contacts are Chris G0FDZ and Derek Atter G3GRO.

  • Venue:   CARC Directions

    Scottish Roundtable
    The Scottish Roundtable is held at the Museum of Communication, Burntisland, Fife, just across the Forth Bridge from Edinburgh.

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