To encourage and support microwave activities, UKuG have set up a Technical Support Team...

Mission Statement
To provide support and guidance to radio amateurs and listeners who wish to operate on the microwave bands by providing one or more of the following:-

Region Contact Facilities
NW England vacant -
NE England, Yorks Neil Smith G4DBN Spectrum Analysis to 50GHz
Power measurement: Coax to 18GHz, WG 10GHz
Frequency measurements to 20GHz, voltage to 40ppm
Noise figure to 6GHz
Signal generators and sources to 26GHz
Machining, fabrication, CAD and TIG welding,in Al, Cu, brass, steels and plastics
Dielectric lenses, antennas and mounts, waveguide items
S and SW England - 1 Brian Coleman G4NNS Spectrum Analysis to 24GHz
Power measurement to 26 GHz
Scalar Network analyser and sweeper 2-15GHz
Antenna test range 2.3, 3.4, 5.7, 10 and 24GHz
Waveguide directional couplers for 10GHz and 24GHz
Coax couplers 1.3 - 26GHz
S and SW England - 2 Paul Marsh M0EYT Spectrum analysers to 6 and 18GHz
Power measurement to 12GHz
High power dummy load @ 10GHz (500w)
Frequency measurement to 22GHz
Frequency generation to 18GHz.
Cornwall/Devon Chris Bartram G4DGU Spectrum Analysis to 24GHz
Power measurement: Coax to 18GHz, WG 18-40GHz
Frequency/time measurements to 3GHz
VNAs 0-6GHz, 2-12.4GHz
Noise figure to 18GHz
Calibrated rotary vane attenuator for WG20
Tunable source, detectors, couplers and loads (WG and coax) for 24GHz
SE England and London Allan Wyatt G8LSD -
SE England - Herts Bryan Harber G8DKK RF Sources to 24GHz
East Anglia, Suffolk, Essex Sam Jewell G4DDK Spectrum analysis to 24GHz
Power measurement to 24GHz
Direct frequency measurement up to 3GHz
VNA to 3GHz
RF sources to 24GHz
East / Essex Dr David Kirby G8WRB Spectrum analysis to 22GHz
Power measuremnt to 18GHz
Frequency measurement to 18GHz
Frequency sources to 20GHz
VNA to 20GHz, inc SMA/3.5mm, N, APC7, WR90 calkits
LCR meter and other instruments
West Anglia, East Midlands John Worsnop G4BAO Spectrum analysis to 24GHz
Power measurement to 24GHz
Frequency measurement up to 3GHz
VNA to 1.3GHz
Directional couplers 1-24GHz
RF sources to 24GHz
High current PSUs at 12, 28 and 48V
West Midlands vacant -
Wales vacant -
Scotland John Cooke GM8OTI

David Anderson GM6BIG

Power measurement to 18/24GHz
Freq counter to 20GHz
Spectrum Analyser to 20GHz
Freq generators to 2GHz
Various couplers
Northern Ireland Gordon Curry GI6ATZ -
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Volunteers: If anyone would like to step forward and volunteer, especially in the regions where we have no representative, please email the UKuG Secretary