75 GHZ

Recent years has seen an increase in millimetre wave operation where innovation and improving equipment availability permit amateurs to take advantage of high antenna gains in compact transceivers.

Below are examples of how mature mmWave operating is becoming. John Hazel G8ACE is in QSO with Ian Lamb G8KQW

Interested? - UKuG also has a 75/76GHz loan system

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John Hazell G8ACE in QSO

Date:         28-Jul-2007
Mode:         NBFM
Frequency:   75976.2 MHz

Distance:   17km
G8ACE:     IO91IB [home QTH]

FT290 Mk1, DL2AM tvtr + 150mm FMI Lens Horn

Signals: 59-59

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Front View   John Hazell G8ACE   Side View

Multimedia Equipment/QSO Details

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Ian Lamb G8KQW/p in QSO with John Hazell G8ACE/p

Date:         7-Oct-2007
Mode:         NBFM
Frequency:   75976.2 MHz

Distance:   48km
G8ACE/P:   Barr Beacon, Birmingham, IO92BN
G8KQW/P:   Brown Clee Shropshire, IO82QL
Signals: 59-59

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2013: 102km FM-QSO Record

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