Millimetre Waves is one of the many areas where amateurs innovate. The short wavelengths lend themselves to portable equipment and high antenna gains to achieve remarkable operating ranges. The 76GHz band is available to all UK Intermediate and Full Licensees. In the UK narrowband operation is centred on 75976 MHz within the UK Amateur Primary segment.

The UKuG 76GHz loan system enables you to get a taster of modern narrowband DX on 76 GHz. The hardware was the original creation of the late John Wood G4EAT from Danbury in Essex, one of the leading UK operators, who sadly became a SK in Feb-2015.

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As well as the Tx & Rx modules, there is a separate beacon producing 5mW on 75.978GHz.

On the Rx & Tx modules the IF is 145-147 MHz for 75.976-75.978, switchable to cover 75.978-75.980 if using 144-146.

The antennas are Flann lens horns with around 38dB gain.

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  • Guidance: Operating Instructions

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    • Note this is available to loan to use in the UK only, due to insurance issues. Loanees must arrange collection and safe return.
    • UKuG reserves the right to ask for the kit to be returned at any time
    • Click here for some 75GHz operating examples

  • Rear view of the 76 GHz loan system

    76GHz Transmitter block diagram

    76GHz Transmitter and Receiver block diagrams

    76 GHz Receiver (click to zoom)

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