The current Committee was elected at the AGM held at Martlesham on Sunday 16th April 2023 and is listed below.

In addition, the following assist the committee as corresponding members:-

    UK Regional Contacts
  • Martin Hall GM8IEM - Scotland
  • Gordon Curry GI6ATZ - Northern Ireland
  • Peter Harston GW4JQP - Wales


  • Kent Britain WA5VJB/G8EMY - USA Liaison  
    Assistants & Other Roles
  • Roger Ray G8CUB - Scatterpoint Editor  
  • Mike Scott G3LYP - Chipbank
  • Heather Nickalls M0HMO - Trophies
  • Robin Lucas G8APZ - BeaconSpot
  • Noel Matthews G8GTZ - BATC Liaison
  • Barry Lewis G4SJH - RSGB Microwave Manager

  • Please do not use personal addresses for submissions. Instead... 
  • - Articles for Scatterpoint should go to editor(at)
  • - Activity news to scatterpoint(at)
  • - Editor: Roger G8CUB, Activity: John G4BAO

In early 2004 the UKuG affiliated itself to the RSGB and now works closely with the RSGB Spectrum Forum