The current Committee was elected at the AGM held at the Martlesham Microwave Roundtable on Sunday 14 April 2019 and is listed below.

In addition, the following assist the committee as corresponding members:-

    UK Regional Contacts
  • Martin Hall GM8IEM - Scotland
  • Gordon Curry GI6ATZ - Northern Ireland
  • Peter Harston GW4JQP - Wales


  • Kent Britain WA5VJB/G8EMY - USA Liaison  
  • Roger Ray G8CUB - Scatterpoint Editor  
  • Mike Scott G3LYP - Chipbank
  • Chris Whitmarsh G0FDZ - mmWaves
  • Mike & Ann Stevens G8CUL/G8NVI - Trophies
  • Robin Lucas G8APZ - BeaconSpot
  • Noel Matthews G8GTZ - BATC Liaison
  • Barry Lewis G4SJH - RSGB Microwave Manager

  • Please do not use personal addresses for submissions. Instead... 
  • - Articles for Scatterpoint should go to editor(at)
  • - Activity news to scatterpoint(at)
  • - Editor: Roger G8CUB, Activity: Neil G4LDR

In early 2004 the UKuG affiliated itself to the RSGB and now works closely with the RSGB Spectrum Forum