EME2012 Proceedings

The original printed proceedings/DVD by RSGB are no longer available. However, in August 2022, the RSGB kindly gave permission for UKuG to release most of the content online below.

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  • EME2012 - Welcome/Index

    Friday 17th August


    How Good Were the EME Systems of the 1960s and 70s?, Long-version Peter Blair G3LTF
    The Challenges of 24 GHz EME Al Ward W5LUA
    The IQ+ Dual Channel Receiver Alex Artieda HB9DRI
    MAP65 Version 2, User Guide Joe Taylor K1JT
    GaN PAs for Microwave EME, Long-version Charlie Suckling G3WDG
    Unexplored Areas of 432 MHz Feeds, Long-version Ingolf Larsson SM6FHZ
    144 and 432MHz Loop Feed for Prime Focus Dish Zdenek Samek OK1DFC
    Gaining Extra dBs from a Small Dish Hannes Fasching OE5JFL
    Raising or Lowering a Tower, STRESS Spreadsheet Dave Powis G4HUP
    Modifying 1960 MHz High Power Solid-state Amplifiers for 13cm, Long-version John Worsnop G4BAO
    For a Few Dollars - 40 More Watts at 3400 MHz, Long-version Manfred Ploetz DL7YC
    Control and Monitoring of EME Solid-state Amplifiers Dave Robinson WW2R
    Saturday 18th August


    Noise Figure Measurement - A Reality Check, Long-version David Stockton GM4ZNX and Ian White, GM3SEK
    Inaccuracies leading to a Deficiency in Your System's Performance, Slides Doug McArthur VK3UM
    A Novel Multi-frequency Downconverter for 13cm EME Charlie Suckling G3WDG
    PI9CAM, History and Restoration, Long-version Jan Van Muijlwijk PA3FXB
    Visual Moonbounce: Images and Video in Moonbounce Technology, Long-version Daniela de Paulis
    Weak Signal Detection of Virgo-A David Morgan
    Offset Stress Dishes for EME Al Katz K2UYH
    Septum Feeds - Tolerances and Sensitivity, Long-version Paul Wade W1GHZ
    Harmonised Frequencies for EME - Past, Present and Future, Presentation-slides Murray Niman G6JYB
    The 2.3-2.45 GHz Spectrum in Sweden: Past, Present and Future, Presentation-slides Gudmund Wannberg SM2BYA
    ON0EME 1296 MHz Moon Beacon Eddy Jespers ON7UN and Walter Crauwels ON4BCB
    IS0/OK5EME Expedition Zdenek Samek OK1DFC
    Moon Ephemeris Overviews for 2013 and 2014 - and Taming Doppler Franck Tonna F5SE

    Multimedia Conference Presentations

    These additional presentations also took place alongside the main conference sessions:-


    Amateur Deep Space Reception - Equipment and Techniques Paul Marsh M0EYT
    A Comparison of Wattmeter Accuracies at 1296 MHz based on Calorimetric Measurements Douglas Millar K6JEY
    Solid State Broadband Un-cooled Noise Generator with Noise Temperature Below Room Temperature (Slides), Paper Ingo Gaspard DF1VH
    VLNA Update - A Very Low Noise (pre)-Amplifier for the UHF Bands Sam Jewell G4DDK
    Ground Gain - Between Theory & Practice Gaetan Horlin ON4KHG