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  • 30-Sep-2019 Midlands Roundtable
  • 23-Sep-2019 RSGB Convention, GM Roundtable
  • 16-Jul-2019 Crawley Roundtable, Sivers Switch data
  • 22-Jun-2019 Finningley Roundtable
  • 10-May-2019 DX Records updated inc for 241 GHz

GM Roundtable - Nov 2

Scottish Roundtable - Nov-2

The 2019 Scottish Microwave Round Table will be held on the 2nd of November and is now open for registration. As in past years it is being held in the Museum of Communication in Burntisland in Fife.

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  • Registration: Click here

    Midlands Roundtable - Dec-14/15

    New for 2019 the Midlands Microwave Roundtable will be held on the December 14-15 weekend. The venue is Eaton Manor, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 7DH.

  • Venue:

    Members Chip Bank

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  • UKuG Members only: Chip Bank - Stock Updated - May-2019

    2019 Updates

    2019 is here - make sure you make it an active on-air one!

  • Events: 2019 Programme - inc new Cardiff Roundtable
  • Contests: 2019 Contest Calendar and Rules
  • Scatterpoint: 2017 Archive amd 2004/5 Proceedings released
  • WRC-19: Ofcom Consultation publishes Amateur Responses inc UKuG, BATC, AMSAT-UK and RSGB
  • Operating: Updates for Firsts

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  • Backscatter: Backscatter Technical Compendium available to download - free!
    - and: Video, Chip Bank and the Wiki

    Distance Records

    30-April-2019: Latest UK 9.3km 241 GHz record added to our Distance Records tables

    22-Jul-2017: 23cm Record (GB2RS)

    21-May-2017: Ongoing efforts saw a new UK Distance record of 6.8km on both the 122 and 241 GHz Bands

  • News items: GB2RS
  • Info and Video: See our 122GHz and 241GHz pages

    5GHz Wi-Fi Consultation

    Ofcoms plans for 5725-5850 would unilaterally raise the noise floor for little benefit to consumers...

    5760 terrestrial & EME and 5840 satellite reception need maximum protection. The band is also subject to WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.16

  • Ofcom Consultation/responses
  • RSGB/Amsat Responses

    mmWave DX /Operating

    Audio, Video and Images of recent mmWave QSOs show just how practical can be:- are becoming.

  • 241 GHz - UK First / Distance Record
  • 134 GHz - inc New Distance Records
  • 122 GHz - UK Firsts
  • 75/76 GHz
  • 47 GHz
  • Distance Records - Current Table

    We always welcome activity reports and media from 24-248 GHz (and beyond!)

    Loan Systems

    UKuG has 5.7, 10, 24 and 76GHz systems available for members to borrow...
  • 5.7GHz Loan System
  • 10GHz Loan Systems
  • 24GHz Loan System
  • 76GHz Loan System

    Ofcom Microwave NoVs

    2300-2302 MHz NoV
  • Apply Here
  • Additional Information
  • 275GHz - Terahertz NoV
  • Apply here
  • Guidance / Map

  • Note: Please remember to specify additional fixed locations for their use at application time

    Ofcom Amateur Licensing / Consultations

  • 2.3GHz Registration email: Click Here
    Note: Simple descriptions of regularity can be: evenings, weekend, 24/7, occasional etc
  • Ofcom: 2.3/3.4GHz Statement and Request to Register (Apr-2014)

  • RSGB: Microwave Spectrum Release
  • RSGB: UK Amateur Licensing / Re-Validation

    3400 MHz Information

    Extra links and information have been added onto our 3400 MHz page


  • Beacon Data/Vetting:
  • BeaconSpot - The online Beacon reporting system from UK Microwave Group:

    Badges and Accessories

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    Spectrum Issues

    UK Microwave Group, works closely with RSGB and other affilated groups such as Amsat-UK and BATC regarding a wide range of Ofcom and CEPT related issues. Copies of submissions on UWB, SRR, 3400 MHz, Olympics and other issues are on our Papers & Consultations Page

    EME2012, Cambridge

    EME2012: After months of preparation the event over Aug 16-18 was a great success.

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    Microwave Museum

    A wonderful online collection of classic microwave hardware:

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