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  • 04-Nov-2019 Midlands Roundtable
  • 23-Sep-2019 RSGB Convention, GM Roundtable
  • 16-Jul-2019 Crawley Roundtable, Sivers Switch data

Midlands Roundtable - Dec-14/15

Midlands Roundtable - Dec-14/15

New for 2019 the Midlands Microwave Roundtable will be held on the December 14-15 weekend. The venue is Eaton Manor, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 7DH.

  • Venue:

    Members Chip Bank

    The hardware and support menus have links for our 'Members Chip Bank'

  • UKuG Members only: Chip Bank - Stock Updated - May-2019

    2019 Updates

    2019 is here - make sure you make it an active on-air one!

  • Events: 2019 Programme - inc new Cardiff Roundtable
  • Contests: 2019 Contest Calendar and Rules
  • Scatterpoint: 2017 Archive amd 2004/5 Proceedings released
  • WRC-19: Ofcom Consultation publishes Amateur Responses inc UKuG, BATC, AMSAT-UK and RSGB
  • Operating: Updates for Firsts

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  • Backscatter: Backscatter Technical Compendium available to download - free!
    - and: Video, Chip Bank and the Wiki

    Distance Records

    30-April-2019: Latest UK 9.3km 241 GHz record added to our Distance Records tables

    22-Jul-2017: 23cm Record (GB2RS)

    21-May-2017: Ongoing efforts saw a new UK Distance record of 6.8km on both the 122 and 241 GHz Bands

  • News items: GB2RS
  • Info and Video: See our 122GHz and 241GHz pages

    5GHz Wi-Fi Consultation

    Ofcoms plans for 5725-5850 would unilaterally raise the noise floor for little benefit to consumers...

    5760 terrestrial & EME and 5840 satellite reception need maximum protection. The band is also subject to WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.16

  • Ofcom Consultation/responses
  • RSGB/Amsat Responses

    mmWave DX /Operating

    Audio, Video and Images of recent mmWave QSOs show just how practical can be:- are becoming.

  • 241 GHz - UK First / Distance Record
  • 134 GHz - inc New Distance Records
  • 122 GHz - UK Firsts
  • 75/76 GHz
  • 47 GHz
  • Distance Records - Current Table

    We always welcome activity reports and media from 24-248 GHz (and beyond!)

    Loan Systems

    UKuG has 5.7, 10, 24 and 76GHz systems available for members to borrow...
  • 5.7GHz Loan System
  • 10GHz Loan Systems
  • 24GHz Loan System
  • 76GHz Loan System

    Ofcom Microwave NoVs

    2300-2302 MHz NoV
  • Apply Here
  • Additional Information
  • 275GHz - Terahertz NoV
  • Apply here
  • Guidance / Map

  • Note: Please remember to specify additional fixed locations for their use at application time

    Ofcom Amateur Licensing / Consultations

  • 2.3GHz Registration email: Click Here
    Note: Simple descriptions of regularity can be: evenings, weekend, 24/7, occasional etc
  • Ofcom: 2.3/3.4GHz Statement and Request to Register (Apr-2014)

  • RSGB: Microwave Spectrum Release
  • RSGB: UK Amateur Licensing / Re-Validation

    3400 MHz Information

    Extra links and information have been added onto our 3400 MHz page


  • Beacon Data/Vetting:
  • BeaconSpot - The online Beacon reporting system from UK Microwave Group:

    Badges and Accessories

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    Spectrum Issues

    UK Microwave Group, works closely with RSGB and other affilated groups such as Amsat-UK and BATC regarding a wide range of Ofcom and CEPT related issues. Copies of submissions on UWB, SRR, 3400 MHz, Olympics and other issues are on our Papers & Consultations Page

    EME2012, Cambridge

    EME2012: After months of preparation the event over Aug 16-18 was a great success.

  • Go to for our archived details.

    Microwave Museum

    A wonderful online collection of classic microwave hardware:

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