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Finningley Roundtable - Jun-15/16

Finningley near Doncaster is the venue for the Microwave Roundtable on the weekend of June-15/16.

  • Details: Click Here

    Crawley Roundtable - Sep-17

    The 2023 Crawley Roundtable is set for Sunday Sep-17.

    2024 Updates

    Plenty to do...

  • Events: 2024 Programme
  • Scatterpoint: 2022 Archive released
  • Contests: 2024 UKuG Contest Rules & Info
  • Calendar: 2024 Events & Contests
  • Chipbank: Updated Stock
  • Firsts: Updates - welcome

    Members Chip Bank

    Available as a free benefit to UKuG members is our chip components service. The hardware and support menus have links for our 'Members Chip Bank'

  • UKuG Members only: Chip Bank - Stock Updated - Nov-2022

    EME2012 Proceedings

    Courtesy of RSGB, UKuG is pleased to announce that the proceedings of the UK EME 2012 Conference held in Cambridge are now freely available online. Some great content!

  • EME2012 Proceedings

    UKuG Online Talks / Videos

    Recordings of online UKuG talks, roundtables topics and operating clips are available on the UKuG YouTube channel.

  • EMF for Microwaves & QO-100 – by Ian White GM3SEK - Saturday 16-Oct-2021

    Ian GM3SEK, a key member of the RSGB EMF team that developed the spreadsheet tool, talks about its application to Microwaves and QO100 operation, in a joint BATC/UK Microwave Group presentation during the BATC Convention.

    This is an important topic for all that operate on VHF and above. Ian dispenses invaluable practical advice on how to assess your dishes and yagis in the microwave bands.

    - watch a recording on YouTube - Not to be missed!

  • Backyard Hydrogen Line Astronomy – by Brian Coleman G4NNS - Wednesday Apr-14, 2021

    Hear how Brian G4NNS has used his 3.7m EME dish to map the galaxy – by listening to emissions from Hydrogen at 21cm (1.4GHz). A discussion of the hardware & software needed as well as some results are included.

    - watch a recording on YouTube

  • Care and Feeding of Yagi Antennas – by Kent Britain WA5VJB - Wednesday Feb-10, 2021

    Antenna expert Kent Britain WA5VJB Kent Britain WA5VJB talks about 'Care and Feeding of Yagi’ Antennas' - including some interesting ways to doing Yagi’s, Log Periodics and myths of Yagi Stacking.

    - watch a recording on YouTube

  • 122 GHz and the VK3CV transceiver – by Barry Chambers G8AGN - Wednesday Jan-13, 2021

    Barry G8AGN covers 122 GHz mmWave band, propagation characteristics, and the VK3CV transceiver board that has been driving strong interest in this amateur millimetre wave band.

    - watch a recording on YouTube

  • A Comparison of NanoVNAs – by Bryan Harber G8DKK - Wednesday Dec-9, 2020

    Bryan G8DKK compares NanoVNAs with other Vector Network Analysers; and looks at VNA architecture and calibration kits.

    - watch a recording on YouTube

  • The UKuG YouTube channel has plenty of other videos too - take a look!

    Microwave Leaflets

    A new trifold leaflet is available in pdf and in professional printed form.

  • New leaflet - 'Amateur Radio in the GHz Bands'.

    The leaflet aims to inform the general public who may wonder what you are doing when out portable or for publicising the microwave interests at public events that your club organises.

    Printed copies of this tri-fold leaflet are available on request via Barry G4SJH, email:

    Please ensure you include your postal delivery address and the approximate quantity required.


    We have quite alot of online material:-

  • Free leaflets: 'Amateur Radio in the GHz Bands'.
  • Scatterpoint: Online Archive
  • Backscatter: Backscatter Technical Compendium available to download - free!
    - and: Video, Chip Bank and the Wiki

  • UKuG Videos: UKuG Youtube
  • RSGB Videos: Microwave & ATV

    Distance Records

    Myth: Microwave & mmWave is really short range, Line of Sight
    Fact: UK distance records are 2600km on 23cm, 1200km on 10GHz, >120km on 76GHz and >35km on 122 and 134 GHz

    See our Distance Records tables
    - and our First Contact Records of DX history

    News items:

    mmWave DX /Operating

  • 122 GHz: Intro-Page, Video, Wiki

    Audio, Video and Images of recent mmWave QSOs show just how practical can be:- are becoming.

  • 241 GHz - UK First / Distance Record
  • 134 GHz - inc New Distance Records
  • 122 GHz - UK Firsts
  • 75/76 GHz
  • 47 GHz
  • Distance Records - Current Table

    We always welcome activity reports and media from 24-248 GHz (and beyond!)

    Loan Systems

    UKuG has 5.7, 10, 24 and 76GHz systems available for members to borrow...
  • 5.7GHz Loan System
  • 10GHz Loan Systems
  • 24GHz Loan Systems
  • 76GHz Loan System

    Ofcom Microwave NoVs

    2300-2302 MHz NoV
  • Apply Here
  • Additional Information
  • 275GHz - Terahertz NoV
  • Apply here
  • Guidance / Map

  • Note: Please remember to specify additional fixed locations for their use at application time

    Ofcom Amateur Licensing / Consultations

  • 2.3GHz Registration email: Click Here
    Note: Simple descriptions of regularity can be: evenings, weekend, 24/7, occasional etc
  • Ofcom: 2.3/3.4GHz Statement and Request to Register (Apr-2014)

  • RSGB: Microwave Spectrum Release
  • RSGB: UK Amateur Licensing / Re-Validation


  • Ofcom/RSGB: Licence Review, UKuG Response
  • IARU/RSGB: Region-1 Conference
  • ITU-R: WRC-23 (inc 23cm)

    3400 MHz Information

    Extra links and information have been added onto our 3400 MHz page


    Microwave propagation beacons are a key aid to amateur construction, testing and operating. We have information and support:-


    Badges, Clothing and Accessories

    UKuG lapel badges, clothing and accessories are available

    Click for the excellent quality UKuG Accessories and other items.


    Spectrum Issues

    UK Microwave Group, works closely with RSGB and other affilated groups such as Amsat-UK and BATC regarding a wide range of Ofcom and CEPT related issues. Copies of submissions on UWB, SRR, 3400 MHz, Olympics and other issues are on our Papers & Consultations Page. UKuG reports can also be found the RSGB Spectrum Forum annual proceedings.

    Microwave Museum

    A wonderful online collection of classic microwave hardware is mainatained by Allan G8LSD:

    Classic hardware is worth a browse thru

    Alan welcomes support and donations of all kinds.

    If there is anything you think would improve our site - please let us know.
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